Welcome to Curveball.

We’re an award-winning film & animation studio.

Film & animated video production, designed to engage your audience.

We collaborate with marketers to design video that highly engages their target audience. We do it by expertly weaving together every aspect of production, from creating a relatable narrative, to the way the motion draws the eye. This is how we produce film and animated video production that does exactly what you set out to achieve.


Our latest work.

Explore our latest explainers, brand videos, thought-leadership content, and TV/cinema commercials.

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What’s the energy efficiency process?


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Association of British Insurers

Dad comes home


A new era for advertising

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Power of a conversation

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Norwich City Council

Recruitment Campaign


Welcome to the Alumni Program

We’re an award-winning film & animation studio.

Every project brings an interesting mix of audience, industry, client and brand. However, sometimes a story can be especially powerfully told. For these, we get to use our skills to build momentum, touch hearts, inspire minds and fire up debates.

We’re trusted by brands
in all kinds of industries.

For over a decade, we’ve been trusted by brands in all kinds of industries, each with a unique challenge; from making extremely complex subjects simply understood to swaying public opinion on national issues.

Words straight from
the horse’s mouth.

Read the challenges our clients’ presented us with and our creative approach to solve them. Oh and the most important part; what it was like to work with us :)

Got questions?
Get our guide.

Our guide includes questions for your video brief, the creative production process and a flavour of how much different types of film and animated video production costs.

We’ve got oodles of
experience across
industry sectors.

Every industry has a unique set of challenges, be that making complex products easily understood, inspiring minds and raising funds or building trust and credibility. Take a dive into our industry-specific video production case studies and how we approached video marketing.



Fundraising & awareness



Product demonstrations



Build trust



Confidence & reassurance



Shape opinions



Demystify the complexity



Explore styles & approaches


Our guide

Pricing & process

We’ve developed a rock-solid creative process.

We’ve built a rock-solid creative process. At every stage, we’ll explore the most effective creative routes with you and you’ll always know what to expect and when. Most of all, we make the process highly enjoyable :)

We’re a full-service video production agency.

Explainer videos simplify complex ideas. Brand videos bring your vision to life. Event videos drive traffic to your booth. Thought leadership videos show you as an industry leader. And then you have the types of production itself: 2D, 3D, motion graphics, infographics, and film

Explainer Videos


Simplify complexity.


Brand videos

Paint your vision.

CSP World

PR campaigns

Spark conversations.



Get more footfall.



Live action.


3D animation

Textured or photorealistic.

Motion graphic

Motion graphics

Slick transitions & text-led.



Create stories from stats.

Explore the art of film & animated explainer videos.

Any film or animated video production is only as good as the story they tell. For your film, 2D or 3D animation explainer video to be an effective video marketing tool, we need to discover what will drive action.

We collaborate with you to produce your brand message into compelling and effective video marketing content.

Be that animated explainer videos that sell your products or services, a brand story that paints your vision, headline PR content for your campaign, or event videos for exhibition stands and keynotes.

And we help you decide on the best approach, like 2D animated explainers, 3D computer animation, corporate video production, motion graphics explainers and animated infographics.