Corporate Video – online and offline.

We’re always banging on about the benefits of getting your corporate videos on YouTube. But let us not forget the unsung heroes of the video world, i.e. videos that can benefit your business as much offline and on your website as they can on YouTube.

FAQ Videos

Filming frequently asked questions can not only reduce the time that staff spend on the phone answering questions, but also give an approachable face to business. Not to mention how much information you can get across in a short Q&A corporate video.

FAQ videos create trust, build relationships (as they already feel like they ‘know you’ and the obvious one…they answers important questions without the customer having to read loads of text!

testimonial2Tip: Talk to the people who answer the phones/emails in your business and ask them to write down the top ten questions that they get asked. These can then be turned into short interview style films with relevant cutaways.

Make them short and engaging and whatever you do, don’t try and answer all 10 questions in one video!

Testimonial Videos

People like hearing about experiences from other people. Having text based testimonials are great, but they won’t have even half the impact of a video testimonial from a genuine customer.

If you have happy clients then share this with the world. Testimonial videos are very strong sales pitches.

With sites like Facebook and Twitter, word of mouth has become a big part of the digital world. Take advantage.

Tip: Make a list of customers who have been enthusiastic and your gut tells you would  be good telling the world about your service. These people are priceless in selling your service.

Text testimonials can be faked, video testimonials are much harder to! People like to think they can tell if someone is genuine or not and this one of the reasons they work so well.

Email and USB Videos

Using videos in emails or sending out USBs with the corporate video embedded is a great way to engage with both new and existing customers.

USB Stick

USB Stick for Video. Image supplied by USB2U

The beauty of using corporate video in email is that you can add a thumbnail in your email signature and whenever you send the email to people, anyone in fact, there is your video waiting to be played. It’s a subtle way of selling as you’re not actively telling them to watch the video, it’s in your signature and becomes part of your branding.

Of course, you can also use your corporate video as part of a targeted sales campaign, either using your own email template or one of the many companies who offer these services. USBs are perfect for events and sending to customers.

Customer retention is crucial, it’s said that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 25-95% (Bain and Co).

Sending a regular update/promotional/news item sends a clear message to customers that your company is current and serious about doing business and still in business!

Tip: Choose carefully what type of corporate video you use for what purpose. For example, an ‘explainer video‘ would work well as an email signature video. For specific campaigns, you might want to create very targeted videos specific to that campaign.

Remember, the type of video you choose to represent your brand is very, very important. If the video is in your email signature and a prospective client clicks on it, it needs to engage them and set an excellent first impression.

Tutorial Videos

Back in the day (showing my ages now) producing tutorials had only one real avenue of distribution and that was to put them on video/DVD, which incurs costs big for duplication and printing.

Now tutorials can be placed on websites, memory sticks and even on secure sites so only paying customers have access to them.


Tip: If you are clever, you can plan to film several tutorials in one day, saving a huge amount of time and effort. Think about which tutorials would add the most value to your product/service. 

Tutorials can be an incredibly powerful addition to your existing aides. For example, giving a new paying customer access to a detailed ‘How To’ before a nail course, for example, can dramatically increase their chances of passing. They have something to look back on and are more likely to refer you to friends.


YouTube is the world 2nd largest search engine and is owned by Google. This along is reason to think about having specific corporate videos optimised to get found. However, you can get far more out of video if you think about these points above too.

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