Meet the team.

We’re an award-winning creative team who collaborate with marketers to produce irresistibly effective film and animated video production.

We do it by weaving brand, audience, and production seamlessly together, embedded in a culture of collaboration.

Founded 2012, and wiser every year.


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Head of Animation


Head of Design


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Animator Coordinator

Our awards.

Every project brings an interesting mix of audience, industry, client and brand. However, sometimes a story can be especially powerfully told. For these, we get to use our skills to build momentum, touch hearts, inspire minds and fire up debates.


Words straight from the horse’s mouth.

Read the challenges our clients’ presented us with and our creative approach to solve them. Oh and the most important part; what it was like to work with us :)

We’ve been honing our craft for a decade.

For over a decade, we’ve been trusted by brands in all kinds of industries, each with a unique challenge; from making extremely complex subjects simply understood to swaying public opinion on national issues.