Actuarial Science animated university video for UEA

We produced this animated university video for the UEA. When it comes to science animations, the trick is a balance of a strong understanding in the script, married with visuals which supplement the messaging.

Animated Sales Video
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Actuarial Science Animated Sales Video Script

Predicting the future. Impossible? yes.
But with every unknown, companies need to be
able to assess risks.

That’s where Actuaries come in.

Skilled problem solvers, trained to calculate the
financial risk of possible future events.

Our Actuarial Science course focuses mathematical
thinking on real life applications.

You’ll be learning from industry professionals both
inside the university and in a working environment.

And the really good news is that you’ll be exempt
from up to 8 of the UK actuarial profession exams,
the most any undergraduate programme in the UK can

Our optional year in industry is another opportunity
to focus your learning and get a taste of the
profession in action.

A profession that could take you all over the globe,
as the UK Actuarial qualification is recognised

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