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Explainers as compelling as your product or cause.

Your animated explainer video needs to do two things really well. Be understood and inspire action – read more, request a demo, download a report, spark a conversation. We help you create one that does both.


What’s the energy efficiency process?

Uniting To Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases

Together we can do more


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Alongside You


Are You One Of The Lucky Few?

Salvation Army

Can you spot the signs?


A new era of advertising

University of Kent

The Flexibility Paradox


People matter


Secure streaming with TV Key

Chatham House

Our perspective has shifted


The power of words


Youth against carbon

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Power of a conversation


Your growth strategy, mastered




Love underwriting again


Be cyber secure


Are you biased?

Creative & Commercial

Brands are built

Wellcome Trust / CEPI

How to prevent a pandemic


Tools for precision

Mulberry Risk

Meet Ada

Nature Spy

Become A Nature Spy

We’ve been producing animation explainer videos for over a decade.

We’ve been creating animation explainers for over a decade for brands all over the world, in all kinds of industries. But the fundamentals always remain the same – relatable stories, produced in an engaging way.

Words straight from the horse’s mouth.

We’re a UK based animated explainer video production company, but our clients reach far and wide. See what they say it’s like to work with us and the results we achieved.

You’re in safe hands
with our rock-solid
creative process.

We’ve built a rock-solid explainer video process. At every stage, we’ll explore the most effective creative routes with you and you’ll always know what to expect and when.

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Nothing beats having a conversation. We’ll get to grips with what you want to achieve and show you the best route there. Drop us a message below, or email us:


Animated explainer videos, made compelling.

Whatever the animated explainer video production service, style or approach, we believe collaboration is the key.

We always start with what success looks like for you. Then we get intimately familiar with your audience, brand and product so we can be confident the ideas we put forward are the most potent.

Animated explainer videos for your industry.

Every sector has unique challenges and goals, be that building brand trust and credibility, simplifying complex products or services, or social lead gen. Explore how we’ve approached animated explainer videos in your industry.



Fundraising & awareness



Product demonstrations



Build trust



Confidence & reassurance



Shape opinions



Demystify the complexity



Explore styles & approaches


Our guide

Pricing & process

Animated explainer video FAQs

If you’ve got a million questions about animated explainer videos, you’re not alone. How long should your explainer be? What’s the production process? How many amends do you get? Fear not, we’ve covered the most common animated explainer video FAQs below.

We’ve built an animated explainer video rock-solid process that balances your input and creative ingenuity. We listen to what you need and explore the best approaches. At every stage, we walk you through our thinking and show you how it will all come together. To learn more about our process, get our guide.

The best briefs are clear on what success looks like, your audience personas and video placement (like web or social). We’ll want to know your core propositions, brand guidelines and the types of videos that you love the look/feel of. Having said all this, don’t sweat it. We cover all of these points and more on a Discovery call or get our guide.

Animated explainer video production typically takes around 6-10 weeks from the discovery call through to the final sign-off. Creativity can’t be rushed. We want to make sure that at each stage everyone has given feedback, we’re crystal clear on the direction we need to take and you’re completely comfortable before moving to the next stage.

60-90 seconds is optimal for an animated explainer video. That’s around a 200-word script. For social, 5-10 seconds is the sweet spot. However, you’ll also want to think about how you approach the project. You’ll get far more engagement by tailoring your media for each platform. For example, we adapt sections of animated explainers into short, looping Social Hooks. You’ll find more on this in our guide.

Many animated explainer video production companies limit the number of amends you get. To us, this seems at odds with collaboration. We want to get this right together, so we don’t limit the number of amends. That way, you get the video you need and want. On our Discovery call, we’ll create a solid foundation and then work with you to perfect each and every part of the video – from the script all the way through to sound design.

You want to make sure your animated explainer video delivers on your expectations and we want to make sure we have the scope to do that. Showing us examples you love helps us to advise on a good budget level. One of the biggest factors to consider is the length of your video. A 60-second animation is always going to cost less than 90 or 120 seconds (all things remaining equal of course). You’ll find examples at different pricing levels in our guide.

Nothing short of thrilling. We mean it. The process of combining your expertise and ours is a sight to behold. Which is why our clients keep coming back for more.

We believe consideration is key. We pore over every stage of your explainer so we can be sure it resonates with your audience. We care about the end result as much as you do and we don’t settle for anything less than exceptional.

Explainer videos are primarily a conversion tool, so they’ll always work best on your website. However, they are also perfectly suited for creating shorter, looping animations that you can use on social.

In short, you. It’s your video. We sign over all copyright so the assets we create are yours to use how you wish. In fact, many of our clients do in their other marketing materials.

Animated explainer videos come by a dizzying array of names – brand stories, animated informational videos, infographics, computer animation, motion graphics, explainer video production, not to mention 3d or 2d animation explainer videos.