We produce charity & non-profit animated explainer videos.

The kind that grips your target audience.

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Charities and non-profit organisations face unique challenges: engaging with hard-to-reach audiences, swaying public opinion, educating public figures, sparking conversations and leaving a lasting impression. We think ‘strategy first’, then beautifully execute.

Wellcome Trust / CEPI

What would a world pandemic be like?

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Power of a conversation


Alongside you

Chatham House

Our perspective has shifted


The power of language

Chartered Institute Of Physiotherapy

Love exercise, hate activity

Internet Watch Foundation

What is HTTPS over DNS?



University of Kent

The Flexibility Paradox

Uniting To Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases

Together we can do more

Nature Spy

Become a nature spy

Association of British Insurers

Taxed for being responsible

Salvation Army

Can you spot the signs?

Live Forever

Do you want to live forever?

Diocese of Leeds

Our strategy

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For over a decade, we’ve been trusted by brands in all kinds of industries, each with a unique challenge; from making extremely complex subjects simply understood to swaying public opinion on national issues.

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Explainer videos simplify complex ideas. Brand videos bring your vision to life. Event videos drive traffic to your booth. Thought leadership videos show you as an industry leader. Here are the most effective types of video production services to add to your marketing mix.

Explainer Videos


Simplify complexity.


Brand video

Paint your vision.

CSP World

PR campaigns

Spark conversations.



Get more footfall.



Live action.


3D animation

Textured or photorealistic.

Motion graphic

Motion graphic

Text-led animation.



Create stories from stats.

Charity & non-profit explainer FAQs

Wondering about the ideal explainer video duration? Curious about the production workflow? Concerned about the number of revisions allowed? Worry not, we’ve addressed the most relevant FAQs regarding animated explainer videos..

We’ve developed a robust process for creating animated charity explainer videos that strikes a balance between your input and our creative expertise. We actively listen to your needs and explore the most effective approaches. At every step, we provide clear explanations of our thought process, showing you how it all comes together.

Effective briefs provide clarity on the definition of success, your audience personas, and the intended video placement, whether it’s on the web or social media. We’re keen to understand your key propositions, adhere to your brand guidelines, and identify the visual styles you admire in videos. We cover all of these points and more on a Discovery call or get our guide.

The production of a charity animated explainer video typically spans a timeframe of 6 to 10 weeks, starting from the initial discovery call and culminating in the final approval. Throughout this process, our priority is to ensure that everyone has had the opportunity to provide feedback, that we have absolute clarity on the chosen direction, and that you feel completely at ease before proceeding to the subsequent stage.

Optimal length for a charity explainer video falls within the 60-90 second range, typically accommodating a 200-word script. When targeting social media, the sweet spot is shorter, around 5-10 seconds. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to consider a platform-specific approach to maximise engagement.

The majority of video production companies impose restrictions on the number of revisions allowed. We believe this hinders effective collaboration. Our approach is rooted in collaboration and getting it right together. We don’t place limits on amendments, ensuring that you receive the precise video you desire.

We aim to ensure that your animated explainer video aligns with your expectations, and we value the flexibility to achieve this goal. Sharing examples of videos you admire allows us to offer budget advice that suits your preferences. Keep in mind that video length is a significant factor to consider; a 60-second animation typically comes at a lower cost than a 90 or 120-second one (assuming all other factors remain constant).

It’s nothing short of exhilarating, and we genuinely mean that. Witnessing the fusion of your expertise with ours is a wonderful experience. This collaborative journey is the reason our clients consistently return for more.

We hold the belief that thorough consideration is paramount. We meticulously scrutinise each phase of your explainer to ensure it deeply resonates with your audience. Our commitment to the end result matches your own, and we never settle for anything less than excellence.

Charity and non-profit explainer videos primarily serve as powerful conversion tools, making them most effective on your website. However, they also excel in creating shorter, repeating animations that are ideal for sharing on social media platforms.

In brief, it’s all about you. Your video, your ownership. We transfer all copyrights, ensuring that the assets we produce become exclusively yours to utilize as you see fit. In fact, many of our clients incorporate these assets into their other marketing materials.

Animated explainer videos go by a myriad of names, including brand stories, animated informational videos, infographics, computer animation, motion graphics, explainer video production, and not to forget 3D or 2D animation explainer videos.