Fintech explainer videos

Fintech explainer videos are about simplicity and trust. And getting your message across clearly, to earn that trust. We need to strip away the noise and hone in on how you are solving the real problem.


The Future Of KYC

Quantexa fintech explainer video case study

Quantexa wanted an explainer video to simplify the highly complex nature of their work. Our concept focuses on key challenges our audience often face and how Quantexa’s KYC easily provides the solution.

Price Forbes


Price Forbes explainer
video case study

Price Forbes wanted a fintech explainer video to show their clients the difference that their portal gives them the Edge. Our concept centres around showing the portal in action and how it relates to the most important aspects of their client’s work.

YoYo Wallet

How to…

YoYo Wallet explainer
video case study

YoYo Wallet wanted a series of fintech explainer videos to support their clients to train their teams. Our concept marries a ‘real situations’ with a ‘how to’, demonstrating how to use YoYo Wallet’s system in various scenarios.


Loyalty Made Simple

Loyalize fintech explainer
video case study

Loyalize wanted an animated explainer videos that makes it simple to understand how revolutionary their solution is. Our concept hones in on the key problem the industry faces, but from the perspective of their customers and shows how the solution is as simple as implementing an API from Loyalize.

What’s the fintech explainer video production process?

Our process has honed the balance between your input and creative ingenuity. We ask questions. We listen. And we explore the best approach for your fintech explainer video. Then we’ll guide you through a process from script to sound, collaborating with you all the way.

How long does it take to create my fintech explainer video?

Typically it takes around 6-10 weeks to produce your fintech explainer video. We’ll talk you through our approach at every stage – from script to animation. And ask for sign-off before moving to the next stage. This is how we produce a video that does exactly what you need it to do.

How long should my fintech explainer video be?

No more than 2 minutes. That’s a mere 200 word script. Every word counts, so it’s important we discover what will resonate most with your audience. Our goal is to pique interest, not give chapter and verse.

How many amends
do I get?

Unlike some agencies, we don’t limit the number of amends you get. We want you to have the video you need, not the one full of compromises. At every stage, we’ll ask for your feedback and talk you through our thinking.

How much does a fintech
explainer video cost?

Some techniques do cost more than others – 3D costs more than 2D, a strong concept costs more than a straightforward approach, using characters cost more than simply iconography. It all comes down to what your expectations are.

What’s it like working together?

It’s a collaboration. We know how to make a fintech video that is engaging, but only by tapping into your knowledge – throughout the creative process. We combine expertise. And because we’re working within a strong process, it’s enjoyable too!

What makes the
Curveball team different?

We consider everything. Your fintech explainer is not to be rushed. We’ll explore what will resonate with your audience and how to bring your message to life in the best way.

In what channels can I use my fintech explainer video?

Fintech explainers tend to be used primarily as conversion tools – so in plain sight on your website. However, we also create short, looping animations from the main explainer – these bite-size videos are perfectly suited for social.

Who owns the rights to my fintech explainer video?

You own the rights to your fintech explainer video, it’s “yours” after all! Many of our clients use assets we create as part of the process in other parts of their marketing too.