Tech explainer videos

There’s some truly remarkable technology that’s hidden from view. IT & tech explainer videos are ideally suited to explain and demonstrate, using animation and film, or a combination of both.


ASP – All Round Protection

NAGRA tech explainer
video case study

NAGRA wanted an explainer video to explain how their rights holder protection ASP protects at the highest levels. Our concept sets ‘mouses’ as our pirates and playfully demonstrates how they get around even the best protections, apart from ASP.

Internet Watch Foundation


IWF DNS tech explainer
video case study

The Internet Watch Foundation wanted a tech animated explainer video to simply explain HTTPS over DNS to politicians and the public. Our concept stripped back the complexities and focuses on a single example: a Google search.

Willis Towers Watson


WTW Tech explainer
video case study

Willis Towers Watson wanted a tech animated explainer video to show how their software seamlessly integrates into the auto claims process. Our concept follows the most common types of auto claims and shows step by step the process with WTW Autoclaims.

YoYo Wallet

How to…

Yoyo Wallet tech explainer
video case study

YoYo Wallet wanted a series of tech animated explainer videos, combined with video production to support their clients to train their teams. Our concept marries a ‘real situations’ with a ‘how to’, demonstrating how to use YoYo Wallet’s system in various scenarios.


Love Underwriting Again


Intranet Masterclass


Be cyber secure


The Future Of KYC


TV Key


Get The Royalties You Deserve

Nature Spy

Become A Nature Spy


Alumni Program




Loyalty Made Simple

What’s the tech explainer video creation process?

We strive to find that peak balance between creative solutions and client contributions. Because it’s important that we understand what you need and provide that for you. And it all starts with an in-depth Discovery session.

How long does it take to create a tech explainer video?

On average, the process takes 6-10 weeks. And at every stage, we offer explanation into our thinking and approach – only moving on when we have received sign off from you. This way, we ensure the explainer video we are creating for you, is operating exactly as you want it to.

How long should my
tech explainer video be?

2 minutes or less. Which amounts to only 200 words. As such, we have to ensure every word counts, that every visual lands and every piece of music and sound design hits the right note. All to get your message across effectively.

How many amends are allowed as part of your production process?

We don’t limit amends. We feel it stifles the creative process and limits companies from getting their desired results. After all, we want to guarantee that your finished video is everything you need it to be.

How much does tech explainer video production cost?

This ultimately depends on what you’re after. Every video has different budgetary requirements: whether it’s animation or film, 2D, 3D, has figures or abstract visuals. Our recommendation would be to send examples of what you like, that way we can advise on how much it will take to bring it to life.

What’s it like working with the team at Curveball?

Pairing experts in their field will always yield fantastic results. But more than that, the journey can be just as exciting and rewarding. We find that by tapping into your expertise and peppering our own creative flare, the process feels natural, positive and.. frankly.. addictive.

What makes the Curveball team different to other agencies?

We’re all about the details. Every aspect of your video is given the careful consideration to ensure your message comes across clearly. From the script to the animation and sound, every facet and intention is given the time it needs to work perfectly.

On what channels can I use my tech explainer video?

Whether public-facing or internal, we can construct your video to best suit wherever you want it placed. We can also repurpose sections of your video, adapting them into Social Hooks: short, looping animations that really stand out on social.

Who owns the rights to my tech explainer video?

At the end of the day, everything is owned by you. The files, assets, they’re all yours. Some clients love them so much they end up using our designs in other marketing campaigns.