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We produce 2D and 3D animated infographics.

Animated infographics, like animated explainer videos, are fantastic for getting across complex subjects in a simple way and are especially effective for fundraising, annual reports and thought leadership content. They provide the springboard (and impetus) to want to learn more. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need a narrative. After all, it’s the story that creates engagement.


Youth against carbon

Chatham House

Our perspective has shifted

Salvation Army

Can you spot the signs?


What happy productive employees?


KYC has changed forever


Are you cybersecure?

Chartered Institute Of Physiotherapy

Love Exercise, Hate Activity

Internet Watch Foundation


Wellcome Trust

Pandemic prevention


The words we use, matter

University of Kent

The Flexibility Paradox

We’ve been producing animated infographics for over a decade.

For over a decade, we’ve been producing animated infographics for brands all over the world, in all kinds of sectors. Whatever the subject, it’s always about creating a relatable story, produced in an engaging way.

Words straight from the horse’s mouth.

Read the challenges our clients’ presented us with and our creative approach to solve them. Oh and the most important part; what it was like to work with us :)

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creative process.

We’ve built a rock-solid creative process. At every stage, we’ll explore the most effective creative routes with you and you’ll always know what to expect and when. Most of all, we make the process highly enjoyable :)

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How we approach your animated infographic.

The first question we always ask is what does success look like? Your goal becomes the backbone of your brief.

Secondly, short and sweet is the name of the game, so it’s important we get to know your target audience. We want to discover what’s most attractive to them.

Thirdly, your animated infographic needs to both look and feel like you. That means we need to get to grips with your brand and how you speak.

Then we crack on with the video production process which is just like any animated explainer video and a very enjoyable process (or so we’re told :).

Animated infographics
for your industry.

Be it building trust and credibility, making the complex simple, or social lead gen, every sector has unique challenges. See how we’ve approached animated infographics for your industry.



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Shape opinions



Demystify the complexity



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We’re trusted to deliver
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For over a decade, we’ve been trusted by brands in all kinds of industries, each with a unique challenge; from making extremely complex subjects simply understood to swaying public opinion on national issues.

Infographic explainer video FAQs

Questions about infographic explainer videos? Like video length, the production process, or the number of revisions you’re entitled to? We’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in.

We’ve developed a solid process for crafting infographic explainer videos that carefully balances your input and creative ingenuity. We listen to your needs and meticulously explore the best approaches. At every stage, we take you through our thought process, demonstrating how it will all come together seamlessly. To learn more about our process, get our guide.

The most effective briefs provide a clear vision of success, including your target audience personas and intended video placement, such as on the web or social media. It’s crucial for us to understand your core propositions, brand guidelines, and which video styles resonate with you. But don’t worry. We’ll cover all of these aspects and more during a Discovery call, or get our guide.

For infographic explainer video production, the process generally spans a timeframe of 6 to 10 weeks, commencing from the initial discovery call and culminating in the final approval. Our objective is to ensure that at every juncture, there’s ample time for feedback and complete clarity regarding the chosen direction.

Optimal length for an infographic explainer video typically falls between 60 to 90 seconds. That’s around a 200-word script. On social, the sweet spot shrinks to around 5-10 seconds. However, it’s also crucial to consider a tailored approach for each platform to maximise engagement. For instance, we often repurpose segments of infographic explainers into brief, looping Social Hooks.

Most production companies impose restrictions on the number of revisions. We believe in working closely with you to ensure your vision is fully realised, so we don’t set limits on revisions. During our Discovery call, we’ll establish a strong foundation and then collaborate with you to refine every aspect of the video, from the script to sound design, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs.

It’s important to ensure that your animated infographic meets your expectations. Sharing examples of videos you admire helps us provide informed budget recommendations. The length of your video is a significant factor to consider too. A 60-second animation will typically cost less than one that spans 90 or 120 seconds (assuming all other factors remain constant).

It’s nothing less than exhilarating, and we genuinely mean it. The collaborative process of merging your expertise with ours is why our clients continue to return for more.

We firmly believe that careful consideration is paramount. We meticulously scrutinise every facet of your animated infographic to ensure it deeply resonates with your target audience. Our commitment to the end result matches your own, and we steadfastly refuse to accept anything less than excellence.

Animated infographics act as powerful conversion tools, both on web and social. However, our approach will differ depending on the primary platform. For example, we might opt more a voice-led animation for web, whereas a text-led animation for social.

The video we produce belongs entirely to you. We transfer all copyright to ensure that the assets we create become your unrestricted property, allowing you to utilise them as you see fit. In fact, many of our clients incorporate these assets into their other marketing materials.

Animated infographics are primarily 2D or 3D and can be produced in pretty much any style imaginable. They tend to be stat based, or thought leadership content. That said, they are essentially animated explainer videos, simply with a slightly different focus.

Use animated infographics whenever you want to get something complex across in a simple way. It’s about giving a snapshot. Say you have a report that you want people to download, an animated infographic can draw viewers in and acts as a kind of trailer for the main event. They create the desire to want to know more.

Approach animated infographics in the same way you would any animated explainer or video production. First, we’ll want to know what you want to communicate and to who. If our goal of the animated infographic is to raise awareness, then going for the juicy ‘social currency’ headlines will spark conversations. However, if you want your audience to take action, say download a report, then we’ll want to write a narrative that creates the desire to what to know more.

Actually, animated infographics can be 2D, 3D computer animation, or even combined with video production. Usually though, they lead with text (or figures) like motion graphic animations. It really comes down to what the best tools for the job are and, of course, budget.