Award-Winning Animation: Best PR STEM Campaign

Part of a wider PR Campaign from Third City and The Wellcome Trust, we’re thrilled to announce that CIPR Excellence Awards 2017 awarded the Let’s #OutsmartEpidemics animated explainer video first place.

STEM Campaign

This award recognises a successful public relations campaign or project undertaken by or on behalf of a company operating specifically in the science, technology, engineering or mathematic sectors.


Third City and Wellcome Trust Let’s #OutsmartEpidemics

This was a joined up, integrated campaign with key deliverables, centred around a bold and innovative animation and user experience that really brought the campaign to life amongst key influencers. It clearly moved the issue of vaccines up the international agenda and delivered an exceptional return on investment, even changing the way their organisations are working. As well as potentially saving lives, the campaign has a lasting legacy and is continuing to bring in significant levels of funding.

Option to view a Case study. If you want to read more about the project, read our Let’s #OutsmartEpidemics blog.

Targets were:

 Garner fame globally, reaching 1m views for campaign film

 Reach high-profile media read by elites (FT, WSJ, BBC etc.)  Credit donors/partners in majority (60%+) of editorial

 Increase conversations about vaccine development and epidemics. Target: +25% related conversations for launch week. +50% on launch day

 Build social licence. +5% FB page likes

 Mobilise support from 10 global health super-influencers.

Measurement and evaluation:

Media relations:

 204 articles across 32 major territories, including international top-tier publications, business, health, science, philanthropy and tech trades. Key titles: BBC, FT, NY Times, Nikkei, Allgemeine

 Approx. 90%+ coverage included partner mention

 Top media outlets, such as Washington Post and Handlesblatt used provided graphics to emphasize need for pandemic preparedness and key messages uptake was very high Digital impact

 3.2 million views across Twitter/FB/YT. Healthy 13% of views were 90s+

 +49% conversations around vaccines on week of activity and +89% on launch day (Brandwatch)

Social licence:

 2,218 additional FB page likes, +15% growth.

Influencer outreach:

 17 influential scientists/groups (e.g. Max Roser, Jon Foley and Mark Lynas) shared film with total following of 334,000.


Up the agenda. From subject 11/11 at Davos in 2016, Epidemics was 5/11 on ranking for 2017.


CEPI secured $150m of funding at Davos and the EC committed to put forward a further $200m for member state approval.

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