Award-Winning Animation: CEPI #OutsmartEpidemics

Part of a wider award-winning PR campaign (best STEM campaign) with Third City and The Wellcome Trust, we’re thrilled to announce that CIPR Excellence Awards 2017 awarded the Let’s #OutsmartEpidemics animated explainer video first place for Best Use of Digital.

Best Use of Digital

This award recognises a successful public relations campaign or project-delivering public relations objectives that make imaginative use of digital media.


Third City impressed with a well-planned strategy, which identified key influencers online and used them to grow their campaign. Through these influencers, they built tangible and enduring relationships that will ensure the Wellcome Trust’s brand can succeed in relevant global markets. Using video, social and targeted advertising, they created the Wellcome Trust’s most successful campaign to date, with 3.2million views of its creative content across all channels. Importantly, this work moved the issue of vaccines up the global agenda through work around the Davos conference in 2016 and secured $350million funding.

Option to view a Case study. If you want to read more about the project, read our Let’s #OutsmartEpidemics blog.

The following targets were agreed:

 1 million film views

 Build social licence with +5% FB likes and Twitter followers

 Increase conversations online around vaccine development and epidemics. Target +25% related conversations for launch week +50% on launch day

 Recruit 10 ‘super-influencers’ to our cause.

Measurement and evaluation:

Digital impact:

 3.2 million views across Twitter/FB/YT. Healthy 13% of views were 90s+

 +49% conversations around vaccines on week of activity and +89% on launch day (Brandwatch).

Social influence:
 2218 additional FB page likes, +15% growth.

Influencer outreach:

 17 influential scientists/groups (e.g. Max Roser, Jon Foley and Mark Lynas) shared film with total following of 334,000 (Crimson Hexagon).


CEPI secured $150m of funding at Davos and the EC committed to put forward a further $200m for member state approval.

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