We live and breathe our work and get immense satisfaction from hearing the feedback our clients give once they release their animation into the world. Winning awards is very much the cherry on top and we’ve been very honoured to pick up a few in our 10 year history.

Salvation Army

Modern Slavery: Spot The Signs

Gold Award

Curveball picked up a Gold at the 40th Telly Awards for their work with Salvation Army aimed at raising awareness of modern slavery. Our challenge was to create an animation that raised awareness amongst taxi drivers so they could spot the signs of modern slavery. We created a narrative that demonstrates that the signs are subtle, but when you know what to look for, it’s easy to spot.

Wellcome Trust / CEPI

What Would A World Pandemic Be Like (produced pre-pandemic)

CIPR Excellence Award

Curveball were awarded CIPR’s Excellence Award for their work with Wellcome Trust and CEPI. Our challenge was to change perceptions about pandemics. We created a human narrative that took our viewer’s perception that pandemics are a thing from another place to something that could very conceivably happen here in the west.

Spoiler – it did.



Bronze award

We picked up a Bronze at the Telly Awards for our work with LICC. Our challenge was to mirror the sentiment behind the narrative. We created a flow from dawn to dust, using shapes as metaphors for interactions and growth to symbolise the spread of love.