Getting youtube videos seen – some tips and advice.

With over 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s no wonder most people are disappointed with the number of views they get. We’ve talked in previous blogs about how important keywording your video is, but in reality, even getting your video seen won’t mean much if the content is no good.


The mistake most people make is not thinking strategically and this isn’t just self producers, it’s production companies too – some of them big ones.


Think strategically

So what do we mean by think strategically? Well first forget the idea of creating one long video, uploading it to YouTube and sitting back. If you are serious about using YouTube to drive traffic to your site or increase your social media presence, then you need a long term strategy.


We live in a fast paced world. People want information now and they won’t wait around if they are not given it.


This is important when thinking about planning your video. YouTube will be unforgiving when it comes to your ranking if people are not engaging all the way through. Click through to see examples of the types of video production we’ve done in the past.

Content is king

How content is king when it comes to a successful video strategy.


Think about the objective of the video

Think about it in two stages. The first stage is to identify who your target market is for that particular subject – not your whole business. Then think about videos that will engage the various types of customers you have and the different services/products you offer.

The second part of the strategy involves thinking about where people are in the buying process.


You will need a different, usually shorter, teaser type video for attracting people that don’t know much about your brand and have either stumbled across your video or it is displayed as an ad.


Further down the sales process, people are probably more interested in your product or service if they’ve landed on your website and willing to watch a longer video. However, keep it information based or you risk turning people off. If you are hosting the video on your website we still recommend you do this through YouTube as it’s the 2nd largest search engine.

For your existing customers, think about offering them useful information or news about an area they are already interested in. Give them the opportunity to stay in touch with your brand and feel valued.


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