All successful video productions start with a brief, however loose, however detailed. And at Curveball, we’re all about the brief. Understanding it. Getting to grips with it. Looking at it from every angle we can to make sure we get to the heart of it.

It becomes our Bible for everything from understanding and defining your audience, message and brand – to how we write the script, design the visuals, find the voice, animate, film and engineer the sound i.e. everything to do with creating your video.

You’re an expert in your field and we are in ours, and this short form will help us bring everything together. It will also help you think about your video in new ways and shape your vision and expectations, whether it’s an animated explainer video or any other type of video production. Of course, we’re happy to walk you through this process too if that’s easier. Just drop us a line and we’ll call you back.

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