It’s not often you get the opportunity to run a masterclass with members of the CIPR and other high-profile PR professionals, but that’s exactly what we’re doing in just over a week’s time on Wednesday 12th September at Influence Live 2 in London.

That’s right.

As soon as Nigel Milton, Director of Communications for Heathrow Airport has delivered his keynote on global communication, delegates will be making their way into one of three breakout sessions.

We’ll be holding our masterclass alongside two others: one from Europe’s leading stakeholder management system, Vuelio, and the other by data experts, 3GEM.

Our masterclass is all about the psychology of designing a winning video PR strategy and how PRs can take advantage of video for their clients.

Video is an incredibly powerful tool for brands and gaining in popularity by the second. We consume billions of hours of video each day – that’s where our attention is, so that’s where the opportunity is.

But what exactly does that mean?

To co-opt a well known phrase: a video isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life.

PRs need to know how to think strategically and view video as an integral part of their clients’ long-term communication goals. It cannot be a bolt-on or nice-to-have any longer because that won’t cut through the noise in a sustainable way.

A brand won’t stay front of mind for very long with one video, even if it did go viral. It will quickly disappear among the billions of hours of video being uploaded and watched every day.

The ratio of signal to noise is accelerating at a phenomenal rate.

Which means…

PRs need to anticipate what their clients’ audience wants next and deliver it – or better still, define what the audience wants next and deliver it.

But to do that, PRs either need an in-house expert or the support of a well-established agency like Curveball.

We know how to create strategies and videos that will surprise, inform, explain, delight and inspire the audience.

We’ve also got a special guest in the form of Chris Blackwood, Managing Director of award-winning PR agency Third City – one of our most treasured clients – will also be joining us to talk about how to get the most out of video content, particularly seeding tactics across social platforms.

If you’d like to know more, drop us a line or log on to the Influence Live 2 event page for more detail.


Here’s a little something we’ve brewed up for the delegates who are attending our masterclass…

And there will be more goodies in the bag too, some ultra delicious Gnaw Chocolate and terribly sophisticated Black n’ Red notebooks