The Gift of Gifs

king penguin gif

king penguin gif

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Before I start the meat of the blog I just want to clear something up. Gifs cannot be pronounced ‘jiff’ because it plainly doesn’t make sense. We don’t say ‘jraphics image format.We don’t say ‘jraphic design’. We don’t say computer ‘jraphics’. Sorry, the creator of gifs but you are wrong.

(Deep breaths)

From kittens to obscure clips from your favourite film, social media sites are filled to the brim with them. When compared to still photos (jpgs), gifs add that special magic of motion. Simply they are easy to make and quick to watch, which makes them highly engaging. Compared to videos posted on Youtube or Vimeo, viewers don’t have to commit for a long time because gifs last a couple of seconds, are usually loopable and intend to communicate an emotion or statement. In the animation industry they are the perfect tool to show your skills or new techniques to potential clients

Storytelling in 2 Seconds

I am a massive nerd when it comes to character animation. The acting and emotion animators have to convey in just a few seconds in a single shot is no easy feat. It is the same for gifs. But the payoff is amazing because your audience instantly connects and it doesn’t take hours of investment. Narratives make gifs more relatable and therefore more shareable. (Even if it is just conveying a single emotion).

I love gifs so much that now I want to share five of my favourites on Dribble.

  1. Dinner Table  This one is loopable and animation heavy. The motion makes it engaging and even though it has no sound I can hear the bowls clanging and food hitting the table. That’s what dynamic animation can do for you!
  2. Dragon Flexing skills are great, and in gif form, they are quick and easy to show others your awesomeness
  3. Simple Machines This one showcases the principles of animation. It is also an oddly satisfying to watch.
  4. Fast Flood I really love the stylistic approach to the buildings on this one.
  5. City Street This has great atmosphere. The textures add to the dystopian feel of the piece.

We have done some awesome gifs! Curveball Jack did the A to Zoo last year and if you haven’t seen it check it out here.

Curveball Tara