Industry case studies

Every industry has specific challenges and reasons for using video. Like raising awareness, simplifying the complex, demonstrating features, sparking conversations, or inspiring change. It’s all a matter of approach.

Salvation Army

Modern Slavery: Spot The Signs

Charity & not-for-profit explainer videos

Charities and associations have very different challenges from other industries – to continually reach new audiences and spark the desire to connect.


TV Key

SaaS explainer videos

An exceptional SaaS product is both brilliant and richly packed full of features. The talent comes in demonstrating your benefits clearly and succinctly.

Yoyo Wallet

How to…

Tech explainer videos

Tech companies are always battling wanting to say all the things that are great about their tech, whilst keeping things simple. This is where explainers shine.


The Future Of KYC

Fintech explainer videos

Any kind of financial transaction requires a deep level of trust. And that always starts with a solid, easy-to-understand explanation.

Cubiks Hire

People Matter

HR explainer videos

HR is all about connecting with people and bringing them along for the journey. And for that to happen, we need to create a strong resonance with your audience.


Patient Centric Studies

Medica explainer videos

Health and medical explainers have to convey complicated information simply and clearly – we must leave no room for misunderstanding and build confidence along the way.


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Explore irresistibly effective types of marketing videos

Explainers, brand stories, event videos and thought leadership content. There’s no doubt video transforms brand communications. The brands that get ahead, however, know what kind of video to use and when. Discover how to make video an integral part of your marketing strategy.