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Almost every animated explainer video incorporates some form of motion graphics and many video productions too. Whilst motion graphics are simply ‘graphics with movement’, the thought behind the movement itself, and especially transitions between frames, makes a huge difference in terms of engagement.


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We’ve been perfecting motion graphics explainers for over a decade

For over 10 years, we’ve been perfecting the art of motion graphics explainers for brands all over the world, and in all kinds of industries. And in every project, the fundamentals remain the same – compelling script and engaging visuals.

Words straight from the horse’s mouth.

Read the challenges our clients’ presented us with and our creative approach to solve them. Oh and the most important part; what it was like to work with us :)

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with our rock-solid
creative process.

We’ve built a rock-solid creative process for creating motion graphics explainers. We’ll explore the most effective creative routes through a series of stages. You’ll always know what to expect and when.

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How we approach your motion graphics explainer.

Firstly we define what success looks like for your motion graphics explainer. This becomes the cornerstone of your brief. Then we get to know your target audience and what they care about most. Like any good animated explainer video, a strong motion graphics explainer should be simply and powerfully understood.

Words straight from the horse’s mouth.

Read the challenges our clients’ presented us with and our creative approach to solve them. Oh and the most important part; what it was like to work with us :)

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Our guide includes questions for your video brief, the creative production process and a flavour of how much different types of film and animated video production costs.

Explore how we’ve approached motion graphics explainers in your industry.

We’ve been making motion graphics explainers for all kinds of brands, in all kinds of industries: be that building brand trust and credibility, or simplifying complex products or messages. See the types of videos we’ve produced in your industry.



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Our guide

Pricing & process

Motion graphic explainer FAQs

Find yourself brimming with countless inquiries regarding motion graphics explainer videos? Maybe you’re pondering over the optimal video length, intricacies of the production process, or perhaps you’re wondering how many revisions are allowed? Let’s dig in.

We’ve established a rock-solid process for creating motion graphic explainer videos that strike a perfect balance between your input and our creative talents. Together, we explore the most effective approaches and at each stage, we walk you through our thought process. To learn more about our process, get our guide.

An optimal brief gives us clarity on what success looks like, your audience personas, and video placement. It’s also good to include a summary of your core proposition, brand guidelines, and your preferences for video style/approach. For more info, get our guide.

Typically, motion graphic video production takes approximately 6 to 10 weeks, starting from the initial Discovery call and concluding with the final sign-off. Our priority is to ensure that, at each phase, everyone has had the opportunity to provide feedback, and that you are entirely comfortable before progressing to the subsequent stage.

The ideal duration for a motion graphics explainer falls within the range of 60 to 90 seconds, which translates to roughly a 200-word script. Nevertheless, it’s essential to consider a tailored approach for each platform to maximise engagement. For example, we customise segments of your motion graphics explainer into concise, looping Social Hooks.

Most video production companies impose restrictions on the number of revisions allowed. We believe this approach can hinder true collaboration. Our philosophy is to work closely with you to achieve the desired outcome, and as such, we don’t impose limitations on the number of revisions. During our Discovery call, we lay a strong foundation, and together, we meticulously refine every aspect of the video – from the script right through to sound design – ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your needs and vision.

Our goal is to ensure that your motion graphics animation not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Sharing examples of videos you admire enables us to provide informed advice on setting a suitable budget. It’s important to note that the length of your video is a significant cost factor. A 60-second animation will invariably be more budget-friendly than a 90 or 120-second one, assuming all other elements remain constant. In our guide, you’ll discover examples at various pricing tiers to help you make an informed decision.

It’s nothing short of exhilarating, and we genuinely mean every word. The collaborative process, where we merge your expertise with ours, is truly a remarkable experience.

In our approach, we hold consideration in the highest regard. We meticulously scrutinise each phase of your video production, ensuring it deeply resonates with your target audience.

Motion graphic animated videos serve as a potent conversion tool, and their optimal placement is typically on your website, where they can yield the best results. Nevertheless, they also lend themselves well to crafting concise, looping animations tailored for social media engagement.

In brief, it’s all about you. Your video, your ownership. We transfer full copyright to you, ensuring that the assets we produce are entirely yours to utilise as you see fit. In fact, numerous clients incorporate them seamlessly into their other marketing materials.

The world of motion graphic animated videos encompasses a dizzying array of names and categories, from brand stories and animated informational videos to infographics, computer animation, motion graphics, explainer video production, and not to forget 3D or 2D animation explainer videos.

We approach voice-over led scripts very differently to text-based animations. As the on-screen text is rarely seen in isolation (meaning it’ll often be incorporated with other graphical elements) the script needs to be written as short, succinct sections. With both types of script, timing and pace play a key role here too, because we’ll want to keep the pace moving and engagement high, but allow enough time for your viewer to let what they’ve heard/read sink in.

Text-led animations do have their limitations. Since we’re competing with other graphical elements on the screen, where the text is placed and how it competes is an important consideration. And because we’re leading with text, they don’t lend themselves as well to more complex messages. As a rule of thumb, if you want to use an explainer video to convey something complex visually, then an animation which is voice-over-led is going to yield far better results.

The process we follow is just the same as a voice-over-led animation. First, we’ll want to really get to the heart of what you want to communicate and to who, then we’ll guide you through our animation production process as we normally would. However, since we approach the script very differently, we’ll want to choose this direction early in the process.