You’re in good hands
with our rock-solid
creative process.

Together we journey through a rock-solid creative process designed to bring out the best of both our areas of expertise. You’ll always know what to expect and when. And at every stage, we’ll explore the most effective creative routes with you.


In a discovery session, we’ll leave no rock unturned. We ask questions and listen carefully. What does success look like? Who are we speaking to? What will your target audience most relate to?



A compelling video starts with a compelling narrative. However, a script is never crafted in isolation. What truly makes a video engaging is the seamless intertwining of what is being said with what is being seen.


The creative team meet and we ask ourselves “how can the visuals/shots best engage our audience and be impactful?” We’re thinking about what is being communicated verbally, as much as visually.

Style development.

The style of your video is inspired from your brand guidelines, budget and personal preferences. We’ll present you with one or more style frames so you have a clear idea of the creative direction.


Everything is in the planning, so the job of the visual storyboard is to show how the video will play through. You’ll be clear on what we plan to show and how it will move.



The art of film and animation is timing, focus and fluidity. Our goal is to reinforce the script and add value. That means knowing exactly what message we want to land effectively. It is an art as much as it is a science.

Sound design.

Sound design takes a good idea and makes it great. Despite taking place toward the end of the process, we’re already thinking of sound design as early as the script and written storyboard.

Review process.

Every creative challenge is shared, and you always have the final say on everything we create. At each stage, we’ll walk you through our thought process, solicit your input, and refine our work until it’s exactly right.

Let’s talk.

Drop us a line and we can chew the fat together. Because after all, the best inspiration comes from minds bouncing off each other.