We look at the Top 5 Corporate Videos in Cambridge to see how they perform in YouTube

You probably hear it from all corners, ‘corporate videos are good for your business’.

And it’s true. A growing number of companies have produced corporate videos or animations (AKA explainer videos) and really got them to work for them.

But we’re not here to rant on about how effective or good video can be (or how bad…), this blog concentrates on brands that have been forward thinking enough to use YouTube as a tool to get their message out. The question is, has it worked for them?

We were interested to see what the top ranking videos for a particular term are. So we took a look.

This week we look at Cambridge’s top 5 promotional videos for ‘Private Health Insurance’.

Why Private Health Insurance?

It may come as no surprise that in 2011 the industry that was spending the most money on Google Adwords was Finance and Insurance industry. They contributed $4 billion of Googles $37.9 billion Revenues. Retailers and General Merchandise came second with a spend of $2.8 billion.

Google cash flow

Private Health Insurance has a whacking average CPC of £49.39 (targeting Cambridge).

To put this into perspective, a targeted search for something like ‘designer watches’ has an average CPC of 57p. With such a high value CPC, we thought it would be interesting to see what videos come up top on YouTube and whether they hit the mark with their audience.

Of course, we must take note that a lot of YouTubers’ are probably not hunting for videos about ‘Private Health Insurance’. However, there is a big benefit of featuring high in YouTube’s search results for the right keywords.

A video featured at the top of YouTube is far more likely to also be featured in Google’s Search for the same term. But there is a catch, which we’ll come to later.

Without further ado, lets take a look.

1. NHS vs Private Health Insurance by BesthealthInsuranceUK

Channel: Fierce Gear
Time: 3.40
Views: 7517
Likes: 1
Comments: Disabled
Call to action at end: Yes

2. UK Healthcare Experience Cambridge 2008

Channel: Felix van der Wissel
Time: 5.47
Views: 107
Likes: 1
Comments: 0
Call to Action at end: No
NB: Commercial music used (!)

3. Lecture: Why does the UK keep investing in primary care

Time: 1 hour
Views: 320
Likes: 2
Comments: 0
Call to Action at end: No
NB: Commercial music used (!)

4. Prince William and Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge visit homeless charity Centrepoint

Channel: BrokenNews
Time: 1.17
Views: 18
Likes: 2
Comments: 0
Call to Action at end: No
NB: This is a SPAM video – it’s using a clip originally done for the Telegraph and then loading the description with keywords.

5. Privatization in health care: The evidence from the UK

Channel: cupescfp
Time: 14.20
Views: 834
Likes: 5 (3 dislikes).
Comments: 0
Call to Action at end: Yes ‘share this video’

With Google’s front page littered with adverts; Private Health Insurance Cambridge, there is a opportunity for companies to better utilise their YouTube videos.

We mentioned earlier in this blog that a video showing high in YouTube’s search results has a higher chance of featuring in a Google search. But here is the catch;

A video not only has to be key worded, it also needs to be engaging. Appearing in top in YouTube’s search is not enough. Google must deem you video to be worthy.

As it stands, none of these videos appear in a Google Search for ‘Private Healthcare Insurance’. We must state for the record, no-one really knows what all the factors are when it comes to how Google chooses to display a thumbnail or not, but an engaging video will certainly help you. From our experience, key wording you video will help Google to see your video as ‘relevant’ and making it engaging will help Google see your video as ‘authoritative’

You’ll find loads of information in our ‘How to’ section of our website about how to create an engaging video.