Who doesn’t love a list? Well, we’ve compiled a comprehensive catalogue of the Top 50 explainer videos from far and wide, covering different artistic styles and a range of industries. So sit back and scroll through some amazing innovative examples, that outline the breadth of potential this medium offers.

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Products and services

Supply and demand, that’s the name of the game, right? Well, not always. Operating a company that sells products and services isn’t just about adverts. There are partners and stakeholders, as well as customers to consider. And every facet of your company could benefit from explaining exactly what is needed and what you’re doing about it.

Apple – Intention

Harrods – Single View Of Customer

Harrods – Single View of Customer from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Mercedes – Vanapalooza

Coppel – Hoy Estreno

Coppel “Hoy Estreno” from Plenty on Vimeo.


Acorn from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Patagonia – Sustainable


Audoo – Brand Video from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Ombudsman Services – Awareness

Ombudsman Services – Awareness from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Silver Arrow Band


From climate change to homelessness, online safety to domestic abuse there are so many issues affecting us globally. The question is, do you know about them and what you can do to take active steps to help? That’s where an awareness explainer video comes in. Pairing striking messages with sensitivity.

Zurich – Youth Against Carbon

Zurich – Youth Against Carbon initiative from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Day One – Sunshine – Don’t Confuse Love & Abuse

IWF Membership – Awareness

IWF Membership – Awareness from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Speedo – Trees For Clean Seas

Vice – Privatising Space

Privatizing Space – VICE News from Joel Plosz on Vimeo.

Chatham House – Report

Chatham House (report) – Explainer Video from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Metro – Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb ways to die from Passion Paris on Vimeo.

GAIN – Emotivate

GAIN Emotivate – Explainer Video from Curveball Media on Vimeo.


For every pain point your brand experiences, some clever person has created software to make your life easier. So it’s important to convey exactly how it works and how it will change their way of operating. That way, your customer will eventually say, “I have no idea how we coped before we employed this service!”

OpenMarket – SMS Messaging Empathetic Interaction

Eusoh – Eusociality

Eusociality | BluBlu Studios from BluBlu Studios on Vimeo.

Quantexa – Know Your Customer

Quantexa – KYC – Explainer Video from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Zendesk – Explore

Cubiks Hire

Cubiks Hire – Explainer Video from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Text Me Up App

Text Me Up / Explainer video from Vladimir Marchukov on Vimeo.


Findr – Brand Video from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Slack – Work, Simplified


Security@me from Animwood.com on Vimeo.


Gadgets and gizmos. Digital signals and little boxes that make our lives easier. Technology is a vast field of innovation and progress. Getting across what it does, however, can be a little tricky. Again, explainer videos have got you covered.

Google – Google Wifi

Littlefund – Explainer

Nature Spy

Nature Spy from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Panorama9 – IT Man

YoYo Wallet

YoYo Wallet – Explainer Video from Curveball Media on Vimeo.


There are few things more serious or pressing than medical advancements. Leaps forward that save lives and keep us going longer. Explainer videos for medical purposes can be hyper-detailed or straight-to-the-point, emotive or scientific – whatever you need can be realised.

Wellcome Trust CEPI – Fundraising

Wellcome Trust CEPI – Fundraising from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

UCDavis – Pathology

Macmillan Cancer Support

App – Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes – Bringing sight to the blind and visually impaired from Be My Eyes on Vimeo.

Be Natur

PrescribeWellness – Community Pharmacy


Every day we are bombarded with pressures and stress in our daily lives. Thankfully there’s a plethora of options out there to keep you on track. Books, apps, services, or just someone to talk to. But few people want to admit that something is wrong. What’s needed is a friendly voice, an arm on the shoulder to tell you, “it’s ok” and point you in the right direction.

University Of Kent – The Flexibility Paradox

University of Kent – The Flexibility Paradox from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Vox – Flow Thinking

VOX Flow Thinking from Jimmy Simpson on Vimeo.

CSP – Know Your Numbers

CSP Know your numbers – Awareness from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Aural Analytics – Objective Measures Of Brain Health


Qwell – Explainer Video from Curveball Media on Vimeo.


Who are you? How are you different from the others? What makes you.. you? Having a distinct brand is essential for every single business out there. Having a video to show that off is also extremely important.

Elastic – Global All Hands Opener

Faire – Manifesto

Wiley Edge

Wiley Edge – Animated Explainer from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Thomson Reuters – The Answer Company


RIBA – Brand Story from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

L’blend – Dare To Create

L’blend ( Co-working creative Space ) – Explainer video from Hamza Ouaziz on Vimeo.

The Shared Ownership Shop

Shared Ownership – Explainer Video from Curveball Media on Vimeo.

Swell – Brief History of Coffee