We’re a video
production company.

(the kind that make compelling video)

We believe your video should be compelling.

Video production should invite your viewer to step into your story. We produce commercials, corporate films, explainers, and testimonials that draw viewers in – from cinematic styles to animation overlay and integrated animation. And we draw on the best and brightest freelancers to make your film standout content.

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Explore Learning / Disney Pixar

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We’ve been honing our craft for over a decade.

We started as a fledging video production company in 2012 and things have only grown since. We’ve had the pleasure of working for brands all over the world, in all kinds of industries.

Words straight from the horse’s mouth.

Read the challenges our clients’ presented us with and our creative approach to solve them. Oh and the most important part; what it was like to work with us :)

How we make video production compelling.

Whatever kind of film we’re producing, we always start with this question: who are we talking to? For your video production to be engaging, we need to reach right into the mind of your target audience and make them feel like the film was made for them.

Compelling video production weaves a story that’s relatable, that draws viewers in and inspires them to act. So together we discover the story worth telling, and produce it in a way that’s worth watching.

Let’s talk

Nothing beats having a conversation. We’ll get to grips with what you want to achieve and show you the best route there. Drop us a message below, or email us: hello@curveball-media.co.uk