Work experience and internships

We do offer work experience because we believe in nurturing talent and giving people the opportunity to create animated explainer videos, animated GIFs, and other types of video production. Whether that’s a day, a week or a month even. Who knows! Anything is possible.

Use the form below and drop us a line and tell us what you’re looking for. There aren’t any formal internships up for grabs at the moment, but it is something we’re trying to figure out. Because we like to nurture up and coming talent and give people opportunity to explore and experiment.


We do work with freelance scriptwriters, animators and illustrators on a regular basis. Use the form and drop us a line. Send us your showreel or portfolio. Let us know what you’re looking for, your availability and your rate card. If we think we can use your talents, we’ll get in touch when we have something that fits the bill.


We have an open-door policy, so if you’re interested in joining the team, please use the form below and send us your CV or portfolio or showreel if you’re an illustrator or animator.

Let us know what sort of role you’re looking for, why Curveball might be the place for you and why you’re a good fit for us. Help us get a better idea of who you are. Tell us what you value, what you like doing and what motivates you. What is your passion?

We like people with initiative, passion, courage, curiosity, determination, skill, ideas, and a positive way of going about working with people and solving problems. We don’t care what you wear, where you’re from or how you sound. We care about finding your talent and helping you make the most of it.

Recruitment agencies

we respect what you can do, but we like to handle things ourselves.

Briefs for students

We’ve run projects with Cambridge School of Art and Norwich University of the Arts and would love to get involved with other colleges and schools to give their students a brief to work on.

The Curveball studio and culture

We have a chocolate Lab. We have a six-hour day. Everyone here is friendly and informal. We chat. We laugh. We question and come at things from different perspectives. We challenge ourselves to do better than we did before. We support each other. From time to time we even disagree, but we always figure things out and come out the better for it. We support our team with flexible working and training too. Plus free food and drink.

This is the form, please be gentle with it…